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Flosser Pro uses high-pressure water technology to give your entire mouth a deep and thorough cleaning. Experience healthier gums, fresher breath and whiter teeth.

  • Effective: Removes food particles, bacteria, discolouration & plaque.
  • 40 seconds every day: You only need 40 seconds a day to get the full effect.
  • 360 degrees: Clean places that are normally difficult to reach.
  • IPX7 Waterproof: Can be used in the shower.
  • USB Charger: Charge it once for 20 days of use.
  • Cordless & portable: Perfect for when you're on the go or travelling.
  • Save money: No need to buy dental floss every month.
  • Help the planet: Stop using dental floss made from single-use plastic.

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    4,8 Stars on Trustpilot

    Emilie Fredholm Jans

    Skeptical to begin with, but clearly exceeds my expectations. Easy to use - it has become a regular part of my evening routine.



    In your package from Flosser you will receive the following

    ✔️ 1 x Flosser Pro

    ✅ 1 x Nozzle

    🎒 1 x Travel Bag

    🔋 1 x USB Charger

    📓 1 x Manual


    A completely white smile without the hefty price tag

    We are of the belief that taking good care of your teeth should be easy, fun and never feel like a "task" that needs to be completed. This is why we designed the Flosser Pro.

    A small machine but it packs a punch! It will give you whiter teeth and healthier gums without a price tag that will empty your wallet.

    What our customers say about us!

    Trustpilot score 4,8 ud af 5

    Super super great product! Fast delivery and super easy to use! Best buy in a long time. Can highly recommend!!

    John Williams

    Good service and fast delivery to the UK. Friend recommended it to me and I get why.

    Oliver Thomson

    Skeptical to begin with, but clearly exceeds my expectations. Easy to use - it has become a regular part of my evening routine.

    Emilie Jans

    I had been struggling with bad breath for a long time, which this product has remedied! Easy, useful and fast. I am so happy with my product! Recommendation from here.

    David Tremblay

    Very satisfied - warmest recommendations from here!

    Liam Murphy

    Good product and easy to use. Now it's over with fiddling with dental floss that hurts my fingers.

    Olivia Brown

    Great product - highly recommended. I was a little skeptical at first, but I have to admit that this is brilliant.

    Noah Harris

    Never thought it would be so easy to clean my teeth, really fantastic quality!

    Robert Smith


    Did you know that 32% of disposable plastic dental floss ends up in the ocean? It is equivalent to pouring a garbage truck full of plastic
    in the sea EVERY minute. The thread itself is made of nylon coated with synthetic wax, which prevents biodegradation and is non-reusable.

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back

    Can I use mouthwash with Flosser Pro?

    Yes you can definitely use mouthwash. We only recommend the use of mild mouthwash.

    When using mouthwash with Flosser Pro, it is important that you clean the water container after use.

    For cleaning, simply use warm water.

    How often should I use Flosser Pro?

    We recommend at least once a
    day, but other than that you can use it as often as you normally would floss.

    Should I use Flosser Pro before or after brushing my teeth?

    We recommend you use your Flosser Pro before brushing your teeth.

    The most common toothpastes today contain fluoride, which actively protects against caries, and the bactericidal substance triclosan.

    If you use your Flosser Pro after brushing, most of these substances will be removed.

    I have sensitive teeth, can I still use Flosser Pro?

    If you're not used to using a
    water flosser, you'll probably experience a bit of discomfort at first. However, the Flosser Pro has several different settings, for sensitive teeth and we recommend the mildest setting.

    Can my children use Flosser Pro?

    Flosser Pro is recommended for adults 18+

    How do I use Flosser Pro without getting wet?

    When using Flosser Pro, lean over a sink to allow excess water to drain out.

    Can I use Flosser Pro even if my gums bleed?

    It's very common for your gums to
    bleed a little when you use a water flosser for the first time. Use the mildest setting until you have used it for a week.

    Does using a Flosser Pro replace brushing your teeth?

    No. The use of a Flosser Pro replaces the use of floss, not the toothbrush.

    How often should I replace the heads on Flosser Pro?

    We recommend every 6 months.

    How do I charge my Flosser Pro?

    Flosser Pro comes with a USB charger included which can be used to recharge the battery.

    Where do you ship from?

    We ship from:

    UK: London
    USA: Washington
    Australia: Canberra
    Canada: Winnipeg
    UAE: Dubai
    NZ: Wellington
    Ireland: Dublin

    What is the delivery time?

    Depending on the country 4-8 days.

    How much does delivery cost?

    We have free worldwide delivery.


    Waterflosser met speciale sproeiers (BESPAAR NU 25%)



    Flosser Pro - Water Flosser - Water Pick

    Buy 1
    Buy 1
    €129,00 €89,99